about us

the videographer + graphic designer

Hi, I'm Michelle! I'm a filmmaker and designer, and will graduate with a degree in Graphic Design from BYU in April 2019. I love motherhood and being a mama to my sweet little William! I have a major sweet tooth and love cuddling up next to my husband after a long day. I'm passionate about visual storytelling and its ability to capture the moments that matter most in life. Creativity is a part of everything I do and helps me see the world through different lenses and perspectives.

the computer scientist + lover of the outdoors

Braden is a computer science major at BYU and loves everything about technology! If I had to choose one phrase to describe Braden, it would be that he LOVES learning. He spends all day listening to podcasts, reading articles and books, and learning anything he can about computers. That is one of the things I admire most about Braden, his love for learning. He also loves mountain biking and being outdoors (his happy place!) Braden is a Master Chef, and loves experimenting in the kitchen. Most of all, he's a wonderful husband and father.

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