baby is alive and kickin’

Bump Date: 24 weeks!

First, have to confess that last week I wasn’t very good about writing in my journal :( This week I am going to do much better though! When I don’t journal, I realize how important writing is to me. It helps keep gratitude at the center of my life, instead of focusing on the chaos and stressors. I especially love to think about our biggest blessing – our little baby boy who is alive and kickin’!

Braden and I have been thinking about baby names, and both really like the name William Watkins. Braden first brought up the name William, a name he’s liked since he was 14. Imagine what he was doing when he happened upon that name . . . reading a book! (If you know Braden, that’s not surprising!) While reading, the name really stood out to him. Braden had the thought that one day he’d love to name one of his kids Will, because he could always remind them that they could have the “will” to do the right thing and make the right choices, even when it was hard. When he told me that, it made me love the name even more than I already did. So we are going to start calling him “Will” or William for now, and see how it feels!


We had a really good day in nursery! The kids were happy, didn’t cry when their parents left, and especially loved the bubbles. It’s been good for Braden and I to be in the primary, and learn how to interact with little kids more. It’s taught us a lot and helped us prepare for parenthood. We still have so much to learn, but it’s given us a glimpse into what life will be like with little kids.

Today was Super Bowl Sunday, which really is just an excuse to eat 7 layer dip with chips. I honestly didn’t even know who was playing in the Super Bowl until today. Since neither Braden or I are into football, we had it on in the background while we multitasked to get a bunch of other stuff done. I addressed 61 wedding thank you cards, while Braden cooked ground turkey and chicken to store in our freezer. We were really productive and still got to watch all the great commercials and halftime show. I really liked Justin Timberlake’s half-time show (probably because hip-hop is my FAV!)


Man, today was a hard Monday! I woke up feeling pretty chipper and ready to tackle the day, but quickly those aspirations turned into desperation! I was on campus from 8am to 7pm, so almost 12 hours. It was really long, and although I managed to be really productive, I could feel my body’s exhaustion kicking in. I never imagined how tiring pregnancy would be!

Every morning when I wake up my bump seems more visible than the day before, but today it was a big difference. When we got home from school, Braden put his arms around me and with a surprised tone of voice said, “Wow! Your belly! It feels like there is actually a baby in there!” He was really excited and kept saying, “I love it!” It was cute seeing his reaction to our growing baby. William gave a few big punches today that had me surprised! I’m excited to start feeling him more and getting to know him better.

There are definitely things about being pregnant that are SO special, like feeling the baby move and having that connection with them, but it is also really hard on your body. It’s also kind of weird to see your body changing from what seems like out of nowhere! I’m really grateful for the opportunity to carry this baby, and it has already been such a blessing, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it can be hard sometimes! I honestly think I’ve cried at least every other day. Thankfully Braden is a great consoler and listener.


I don’t have much to say about today, just that I’m proud of myself for being productive and getting lots of homework done! Braden was also really busy and had a big computer science exam, so I wanted to do something special for him. He always works so hard, and often does so without ever complaining or bringing attention to it. My attempt to thank Braden wasn’t anything crazy, just a candle-light tomato soup and sourdough grilled cheese dinner, but it was just what we needed. He was really grateful, and it was fun to take a few minutes away from homework to enjoy each other’s company.


Hmm…studying, studying, studying. I spent the day catching up on my homework load and studying for my first astronomy exam. We have like 5 exams in that class, so this is just the start! After not doing very well on my government midterm, I decided I needed to spend more time studying for this exam. I made a big stack of flashcards with pictures, diagrams, definitions, etc. and spent time going through past homework, quizzes, and assignments (most of the day). Braden was on campus until late again, but once at home took the time to help me study and review. He knows how much exams stress me out, and is always willing to do what he can to help me prepare for them. I’m so grateful for that! Helping me study requires a lot of patience, and he does it in a very loving way.


I hit my 24 week mark, and we are getting so excited to meet little William! At our regular 4-week checkup today, we lucked out with an extra ultrasound! There was one picture they weren’t able to get at our previous appointment, so they had to do another ultrasound to make sure all was well. Turns out his brain is healthy, and I am SO grateful to our nice technician who let us see his profile for a few minutes as well. He even took some more pictures of William’s cute face – which is now very developed! When it came up on the screen, I could hardly believe it. We could see his little eyes, nose, lips, and arm very clearly. I just wanted to lean into the ultrasound and give those cute lips a big kiss!

My astronomy exam went really well, and I was proud of myself for working so hard. I spent the rest of the evening preparing a debate for one of my design classes on feminism. Kind of nerve-racking to debate on such a heated topic.


Even though I was pretty nervous, my debate turned out ok, and led to a great class discussion. Everyone really got into the topic of feminism and it was interesting to hear differing opinions. After my class, I spent a few hours in the astronomy lab getting help on my homework. I’ve made a lot of friends in there, and I think most of the TA’s know me by name! haha:) Some people don’t like getting help, but it is such a great way to understand the material. When I was younger, I was embarrassed of getting help, but now I’m not ashamed at all! I NEED IT TO SURVIVE.

Later in the afternoon Braden had an interview, so he dropped me off at a nearby Starbucks to do homework. It was actually really nice! I sat in a comfy, antique, and emerald green couch, with music playing in the background. I didn’t feel out of place at all, because there were always 4-5 other people working on their laptops as well. I’ll have to go there more often to study, especially since their double chocolaty-chip frappuccino is SO good.

We spent the rest of the evening in Fruit Heights, watching my siblings and enjoying the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Braden made a yummy dinner for us while I did some carpooling. After dinner my sisters and I painted our nails and ate ice-cream. It was a fun night!


This morning we had a First Look Shoot at the Ogden Temple. My brother Nathan is getting into videography and came along as a second shooter! I loved spending time with Nate doing something we both love. He did a really good job, and also got a taste of what winter weddings are like. COLD! We were all freezing and fighting to stay warm during the shoot. I have to give it to the bride, Madie, for wearing flip-flops like a champ though!

The rest of the day we rested, helped around my parent’s house (since my parents were gone), and worked on homework. When Braden and I got home, I worked on my motion project until about 1AM. Unfortunately I didn’t make as much progress as I was hoping to, so I’ll have a few more late nights this week since it’s due in 2 days. At least I had the Olympics to keep me company as I worked on my tedious frame-by-frame animations!

That’s our week! Highlight: the fact that William is alive and kickin’!

This next week is probably the craziest week of the month for Braden and I. Our motto: “one day at a time!” Can’t wait to tell you all about it next Sunday. :)

Here’s a sneak peak of next week’s blog!

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    1. Thanks Lety! We really like it too. I guess we went with a kind-of British name! haha :)

  1. Michelle, it’s so fun hearing about your pregnancy! I couldn’t keep my eyes open for several of my pregnancies…it was an intense tiredness! And the intense hunger pains…those were something else!!

    1. Thanks Sara! I’m glad I’m not the only one! ;) I feel like I I’m always finding opportunities to take naps and eat more food! :) haha It’s crazy how much your body works to create a human being! What was your favorite thing to eat when you were pregnant?

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