Baby Kicks & Stars

Current Bump Date: 22 weeks (I’m feelin’ 22 . . . weeks pregnant!)

We made it through another week! I consider that an accomplishment. Some of this week’s milestones include: hungry mom, stronger kicks from baby, and Braden feeling the baby kick for the first time!

The other night I was making a parallel to my life this time last year, and it’s really funny how so much is the same. Braden and had just been engaged, but were also very busy with school (winter semester 2017) and work , etc. Whenever we were together we did homework, or planned for our wedding in May. And it was usually during the few minutes of free time that we had at the end of each night, that we’d work on wedding stuff. Now it’s winter semester 2018, and we also have a lot to do, and are using every spare minute outside of school to plan and prepare for little Baby Watkins in May! It’s funny how at certain times in your life you have different things that you try to juggle and balance. Last year it was planning for marriage, this year it is planning for a baby.


Today Braden and I took a mini nap, and then headed to Kaysville for Sunday dinner with the Watkins. Everything was very tasty and it was fun to be with family! Unfortunately Braden had a terrible stomach ache though, so I drove home and made a stop at Maverick on the way. :( I felt bad because he was in so much pain!


During Astronomy today our baby was moving around like crazy in there, and it was so fun to feel. We get to observe the planetarium, so we often turn off all the lights and recline our seats. While this isn’t the best for helping me stay awake, it’s always a time that I’m relaxed with some food in my tummy, and the baby LOVES it. Today I felt his kicks harder than before, so I’d press on my stomach to try to get him to react back. A few times it worked. That was probably the highlight of the day. However, I tried to do that later so I could show Braden, and he wouldn’t move at all! One of these days Braden will feel him too.


I went to zumba again! After sitting at my desk for most of the day, that was very needed! Our male instructor really got into the dance moves, which made class more entertaining and fun. I had a good time. Another highlight of the day came after dinner when Braden spontaneously turned on a song from The Greatest Showman (Tightrope) and we waltzed around the house. It was pretty magical and romantic, even without the rooftop and lights.


I ended up on campus from 8am-7pm! A whole 11 hours!! This morning I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the day, but I stayed productive and it went by pretty fast (to my surprise)! In our attempt to make homemade hash browns, we had a little mishap and they turned out really funky! haha but that’s ok, because we still had eggs! Every night Braden and I look at each other with awe, thinking, “how is it already 1AM!!!!” School has been kicking our butts! Even though we always say we should go to bed earlier . . . we always end up having too much to do and stay up super late. I know we’ve been working hard when Braden (an avid morning person) also has a hard time opening his eyes and getting up in the morning!


We took a little break from homework to watch a show and eat dinner, which was a treat! Then back to work we went. However, while watching the show, Braden was able to feel the baby kick once! He still can’t feel a lot of what I’m feeling inside, but it’s still super exciting that Braden felt him kick.


After a long day, Braden and I went to the Observatory in the Eyring Science Building to pass off some of my astronomy assignments (we counted it as a date). We had fun looking at the stars, and taking pictures of the sky (through this really big telescope) that would take pictures as we told the computer what to do. After we passed by the creamery on 9th and got German Chocolate and Raspberry Cream Cheese ice-cream to share. They were so yummy!


This morning I babysat my neighbor’s sweet little baby girl, which was so fun! At first she was so scared of me, but after about 30ish minutes I turned on Little Einsteins and she rocked right to sleep! It made me excited to snuggle up with my own baby, but also kind of nervous to have the responsibility of taking care of one 24/7. We met up with some of Braden’s family from out of town for lunch, and then ran some errands in the afternoon. I also finally decided to take the step, and upgrade to maternity garments (I know, such a big step! haha).

Well, that was my week for ya! Until next Sunday <3

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