Be a Treasure House of Happy Memories

Fall colors make me so happy! Just look at those yellows tones :)

Braden and I noticed that many of our friends and family have the tradition of taking pictures at the same spot each year. We love that idea because although the spot is the same, you can see how much your family has changed and grown in the past year. This tradition may have to adapt if we end up out-of-state (Utah), but for now, we are going to take family pictures in this same spot each fall.

I was surprised by how beautiful this spot turned out for photos. They were taken at Canyon Glen Park in Provo Canyon, about 10 minutes from our Provo apartment.

As far as pictures go, I’m still deciding what my process is going to be for documenting our children’s lives.

Here are some of my current ideas:

  1. Have my blog printed every year
  2. Create a yearly Chatbook for each of our kids (gift it to them on Christmas Eve)
  3. Make custom printed photo-books (Shutterfly or Artifact Uprising – the most beautiful books)
  4. Print photos and keep tactile photo-books/scrapbooks


What has worked for you?

How do you store your family’s memories? I have been listening to “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, and she talks about “being a treasure house of happy memories.” She explains that by remembering and talking about happy moments in our past, we feel even happier in the present. She also argues that it would be easy to justify not keeping a scrapbook or memory book, but that these items are totally worth the return. Think about it. When you look through old pictures and memorabilia, memories come rushing back and you feel happy. While it’s important to live in the present, she says that it’s equally important to “be a treasure house of happy memories” by taking pictures, keeping some sort of journal, and recording the spontaneous things your kids do.

Gretchen also has the tradition of sending out Valentine’s Day Cards instead of Christmas Cards. I thought that was a really fun idea. What do you do? Christmas Cards, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, or do you just opt out altogether?

As for now, our family will be treasuring this spot in Canyon Glen Park and imagining what kinds of cards we’ll send out each year once it’s in the budget. :)



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