Braden the Birthday Boy

Braden is 22! We had fun celebrating Braden’s birthday this year. I wanted to surprise him with something, so I snuck out to the dollar store while he was at school and bought a bunch of helium balloons and decorations. It was fun to decorate the house special for Braden’s special day.

We took the bus home together that evening, and when we got home, I had Braden open the door :) He was surprised!!

After thinking a lot about his choice for dinner, he decided to try Station 22 here in Provo (since it was his 22 birthday). Our food was really good, and it was fun to see all the signs with “22.” After dinner we had some homework to do, but we still made dessert and I sang “Happy Birthday” to Braden (all by myself!)

These are some things I love about Braden:

  • He’s a hard worker & very determined to succeed
  • He is very passionate about things he loves.
  • He has a strong testimony and lots of faith!
  • He is committed to his relationships with friends and family.
  • He always has a positive attitude.
  • He helps me to believe in myself more.
  • He tells me that he loves me often.
  • He makes me laugh and is a kid at heart.
  • He is a problem-solver and won’t stop until he has the answer!
  • He’s not afraid to be himself, and embraces who he is.
  • He’s confident and isn’t afraid to try new things.
  • His blue eyes.

There are so many more things I could add to the list!

Happy Birthday My Love! I don’t know what I would do without you as my best friend, and husband.


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