Camping with Friends

Camping in Utah


Braden and I had so much fun camping this weekend! I’m not a huge camper – like the only times I went camping growing up was for YW camp in the summer. Luckily Braden knows what he is doing and pretty much planned the whole thing! We were so well prepared thanks to him, and had a blast hanging out with my dear friend Aubrianne and her husband Cole.

Probably one of the funniest parts of camping was that we were all so excited to roast fruit we had marinated, but every time we set up our chairs around the fire and sat down, it would begin to POUR! It was a downpour. But we didn’t give up! We kept going outside and trying to roast our treats – and eventually it worked! haha Most of all it was nice to get away from being inside all day with school and work – and to get out in nature + spend time together.


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