Cascade Springs at Sundance

When you have a baby you begin to rediscover the world. I’ve really felt that way this fall. As I point out the changing leaves to Will, I find I look at them more closely myself. It’s almost like I’m seeing the world all over again through William’s little eyes! So thank you William. Thank you for making me stop and see the world differently.

This year we were lucky enough to spend fall break in Sundance with my parents and siblings. It was a nice break from the day-to-day routine of classes, homework, dishes, etc. We even brought our laundry to the cabin so we wouldn’t have to go to the laundromat! That’s when you know you’re a college student! ;) Will is always the center of attention and everyone loves having “Will time.” My little sister Emma even loves changing his diapers! So it really was a break from the daily routine.

While at the cabin, beautiful nature surrounded us, and one morning we visited Cascade Springs. It was so beautiful. Another little Utah gem. As you can see in the pictures, having William with us made it all the more fun!

Like usual, the grandparents spoiled William with a cute striped Halloween pajama to wear during the fall break. We used that as an excuse to be extra festive for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Did we actually end up celebrating Halloween? No. Braden had a project at school from 2pm-12am and I sat at home and watched trick-or-treaters from the window. However, the act of William wearing this Halloween pajama made it feel a little more like fall, and a little more like Halloween.

Thank you leaves for falling, for giving us a reason to slow down, embrace nature, and enjoy this season.




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