Christmas Film

This Christmas was full of Lions! I don’t think I’ll ever say that again…haha. William was happy to be with family and share in the magic and excitement that surrounds the holidays.

It’s been a challenge shooting film indoors during the winter (lack of light), but I’m excited about the images that did turn out! They capture the day so perfectly. I don’t think William ever sat still . . . and that reflects in the photos! He was SO excited! Next year we may try bringing in some extra lights, or shoot on B&W film (HP5 + 3) for some extra flexibility. It’s a learning process!

I’m grateful for the “roaring,” the snow, and the magic that was Christmas 2019. We’ll always remember it, and we’ll never let William forget how much he LOVED lions. :)

We also got our FIRST roll of film (on our Rolleiflex) back from the lab, which was exciting! Here are two of them:

Rolleiflex Automat 3.5 | Portra 400 + HP5 | TheFINDlab

The rest had lots of motion blur/distortion because I set the shutter speed too low (hoping to get more light in the camera). I also need to practice releasing the shutter on the Rolleiflex without moving the camera. I think part of it may have been my hand accidentally bumping the camera as I hit the shutter. So . . . basically it’s time for me to get practicing!!

The rest of the images were taken on my Canon Elan 7 with Fuji 400H Film (rated 100 ISO). Developed + scanned by theFINDlab.

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