Film Roll 7: Cancun in June!

Canon 650 / Sigma 50mm / Portra 400 shot at 200 ISO (overexposed one stop in-camera) / developed by theFINDlab

A few days after Will’s birthday we jumped on a plane to Cancun to spend a week with Braden’s family! We had so much fun with them at the pool, beach, and ruins. William definitely liked being in the water more this trip than he did in Turks and Caicos. He loved splashing, exploring, and floating. He’s still a bit apprehensive about the ocean waves though…

My favorite thing about Cancun were all of the beautiful orange trees, greenery, and Mexican architecture. It’s beautiful. I just had to capture it all on film. Despite my efforts, Will was determined to cry in every single picture with me. So enjoy the smiling pictures of Braden and Will! #daddysboy Oh, I almost forgot! I had papaya for breakfast everyday just like the mission (I lived in Mexico for 15 months as a missionary)! It made me so so SO happy.

Right now my favorite film picture is the one of Will on Braden’s shoulders against the blue sky. I was completely enamored with that photo from the moment I saw it. Now it’s in our family room, and I love passing by it every day. <3

We’re so grateful that Braden’s family invited us on this trip and that we were able to spend so much time with them!

Here is the roll of film from our trip:

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