Film Roll 8: Red, White, Blue, and Balloons

Canon 650 / Sigma 50mm & canon 24-70 / Ektar 100 shot at 200 ISO and pushed one stop in development (this roll turned out underexposed) / developed by theFINDlab

This was my FIRST time trying Ektar 100 (a film stock). The roll turned out underexposed, which was a bummer, but definitely something I can learn from! I’m hoping my next Ektar roll turns out a little better.

We had an awesome Fourth of July here in Provo! Our day started early (6 am) with the Freedom Festival hot air balloon launch. Thanks for the invite April and Kyle! It was fun to see all the balloons inflating and filling the sky with color. Will wasn’t a fan of the big crowds and cried the whole time. I thought he’d like the balloons…but I guessed wrong.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. We made yummy corn on the cob, veggies, homemade vegan raspberry ice cream, and more. Later in the evening we had April (a friend of mine from the design program) and her husband Kyle over for dinner and a game night. After they left Braden and I started Captain Marvel and then watched the Stadium of Fire Fireworks from our stairwell. We had the perfect view without even having to leave our apartment. It was great!

Every day I’m more and more grateful for the privileges and freedoms we experience in this country. There are so many people who don’t have that. They don’t have freedom, protection, safety, or opportunity. It’s hard to see people I know and love, living in other countries, suffer. But it also fills me with humility and gratitude for what I have, and reminds me to never take it for granted.

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