Film Roll 9: Red Rock in July

Canon 650 / Sigma 50mm / Ektar 100 shot at 200 ISO and pushed one stop in development (loving the vibrant and contrasty colors!) / developed by theFINDlab

Lake Powell Trip

Braden and I had a blast in Lake Powell with my family last month! Braden’s family kindly watched William for the weekend, which meant it was just the two of us! It was a nice break from diapers, tantrums, and teething. We did a lot of fun things, including swimming and hiking through a slot canyon! It was incredible. Other activities included paddle boarding, jet skiing, surfing, attempting to carve on the surfboard, and going down our HUGE waterslide. At night we showered in the lake, played board games, and watched outdoor movies. It was so nice to spend time with my family and brother before he left on his mission!

I had hoped to take more photos at Lake Powell on my film camera, but unfortunately the old-school Lithium battery died on day 2. To say I was bummed would be an understatement, but I’m glad these turned out!

Summer Days

A couple shots of my day-to-day routine. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, toys, playtime, diapers, books, bottles, cartoons, and snuggles if I’m lucky! Something that brings me JOY is the morning light that comes in through our kitchen window every day. I LOVE IT. I sorta captured it in the photos below:

Curtis’ Endowment

We had a special day at the Ogden temple celebrating Curtis! The fact that both of our brothers are leaving on missions this summer is starting to hit!

Nathan’s Farewell Sunday

Nathan’s Farewell weekend was so special. We got to celebrate Nathan with all of my dad’s family (who live out of town), along with many close friends. We are so proud of his desire and decision to serve the Lord. His testimony was very powerful and it was amazing to hear his experiences with the gospel. He will be a powerful, humble, committed, missionary!

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