Film Rolls 4-6: Anniversary in Seattle

Canon 650 / Sigma 50mm / Portra 400, overexposed in-camera (320 ISO)

Braden and I had a wonderful time in Seattle exploring the city, eating delicious plant-based food, celebrating our anniversary, and touring Microsoft and Qualtrics. We stayed at an Airbnb not too far from downtown, and took public transportation everywhere to get a feel for what it would be like to live in Seattle. It was fun! We also booked 2 Airbnb Experiences that we LOVED! One was a Chef’s food tour of Pike Place Market, and the other a Photo-Tour with a Professional Photographer. The Chef’s tour was so fun, and definitely our favorite; it was also cool to get tips on how to take photos from a professional, while experiencing some of Seattle’s beautiful parks and landmarks.

The whole time we were in Seattle it was 100% sunshine. No rain. Which was nice, but didn’t give us the full “feel” of what it would be like to live there. We aren’t sure where we’ll end up after graduation next summer…but this could be it?!

It was also our first time leaving William for more than a night and we MISSED him! Being away for 5 days was hard, but I also loved and soaked in every moment Braden and I had to spend together without being interrupted by our needy 1-year-old. :) It was a great way to celebrate 2 years of marriage and to look back on all the blessings we’ve experienced. There have been too many to count. But for sure, William has been the biggest blessing in our lives and has brought the most joy to our marriage and family.

Get ready for a LOT of film pictures!!

Pike Place Market

Downtown Seattle

Evenings + Sunsets

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