First Day of School…Married!

Braden and I can hardly believe that school is starting again! I only have about 3 semesters left, which is VERY exciting!! Braden has about 6 :) We love Brigham Young University and are grateful to be studying at such an amazing school! A few things about us, Braden LOVES school, homework, reading, and learning! I also love school, but am not the biggest fan of the testing center (I struggle!) haha… Luckily I have a very supportive husband who studies with me, and still loves me even when I fail my exams…;)

Braden is a Computer Science Major, and LOVES it. He is so passionate about everything computer science related, and I love him for it! I’m in my Junior Year of the Graphic Design Curriculum and am love learning about design and art.

We made a video with some of our feelings about going back to school after a long, fun, summer! Watch below!

Braden’s Sophomore Year Mugshot
My Junior Year Mugshot

First Day of School
Feeling smart for the First Day of School with our matching glasses!

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