First Trick or Treating!

William loved everything about halloween this year, especially pretending to be his favorite animal. He has a slight obsession with lions, roaring, any board book with a lion in it, The Lion King (cartoon & live-action), and now, his lion costume. Whenever he sees it lying around he begs to us to put it on, and is SO happy when we do! Painting his nose was harder than anticipated, but we got him to sit still long enough to paint something on. (5 seconds) ha

Braden was The Greatest Showman, I was his wife Charity, and Will was our little circus lion! We were just happy to tag along and support William in his lead role as lion. Halloween was all about Will and his first time trick or treating. The basket I found at the DI was almost as big as him so he had to use both hands to carry it. He looked so cute walking around I could barely handle it!

We had a neighborhood Trunk or Treat a few days before Halloween to practice, so by halloween he knew exactly what to do! ;) Every time someone answered their door, they just started laughing because he was the cutest lion ever. He loved putting candy in his basket and watching his little collection grow.

I don’t think he knew what he was collecting, besides the fact that they were shiny and pretty looking. But when we got home I opened up a Milky Way and let him try it…and he LOVED it. I also let him try a Reeses Cup, which he also loved (big surprise there)! But he hasn’t had any candy since. :) He’s energetic enough without the extra sugar, so that’s the last thing we need!

Halloween was so much fun. I can’t believe how fast William is growing up. It’s crazy that this time last year he was only 5 months old, and now he’s walking, communicating, trick or treating, and almost talking. He’s not really a baby anymore, but he will always be my baby. Happy Halloween my little lion. <3

Below are some film pictures from a fun halloween party we went to with friends! Will was in awe of the magician and loved painting a pumpkin with his abuela!

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