I’ll have milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…

On Saturday we went to the temporary Hall of Breakfast Pop-Art Museum in SLC and it was so much fun! You enter the museum through a “fridge door” and then proceed through different themed rooms. The first is milk, then eggs, bacon, cereal, pancakes & waffles, donuts, coffee, and fruit. The “milk” room was ice-cold so that you felt like you were in a fridge, so Will cried the whole time. But even though he was crying, I’m sure that was his favorite room ;)

We had a major photo shoot moment and I’m not ashamed! haha . . . it was the perfect excuse to take a million photos! I think William may have been a little overwhelmed with the amount of pink though . . . just take a look at the pictures of him in the ball pit. He looks very uncomfortable! haha

I’m grateful to Braden for being a good sport and taking on the role of “photographer” for me and my sisters! Oh, and William may or may not have contributed to the museum with his own breakfast! :/ oops!


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