Island Park Family Reunion

Well, just like that summer came to an end! I can’t believe how fast it went by. I thought summer would last forever with so many big things happening – William’s birth, Michael’s homecoming, Pluralsight Live, Mexico, and more. But here we are at the close of another fun and adventurous summer. We ended summer 2018 with a fun Watkins family reunion up in Island Park, Idaho!

It was fun spending the weekend with Braden’s extended family and getting to know everyone better! The cabin we stayed in had gorgeous views of the lake and we loved watching the sunsets each evening.

Braden and I had fun paddle-boarding around the lake one afternoon, and took the kayaks out another evening. We had plenty of helping hands, so we took the opportunity to get out in nature just the two of us!

We played lots of games and even held a huge family competition one evening! One of my favorite memories of the trip was staying up really late one night playing “nertz” with some of Braden’s aunts and cousins. The game was really intense and I think we may have woken a few people up! Oops!

On Sunday, we went to church in Yellowstone and then drove around Yellowstone National Park. It was a holiday weekend, so the park had LOTS of traffic. At one point it took us an hour to drive 12 miles. While we were driving in this slow-zone, Braden changed Will’s blow-out diaper in the car. If that wasn’t messy enough, while he was changing Will’s diaper, Will started peeing in the car. We were all laughing so hard! (insert crying laughing face emoji) Afterwards I even breast-fed him in the car while driving! ha It was a pretty crazy day. There were some really pretty views and Yellowstone wouldn’t be Yellowstone without Old Faithful. So we saw that too!



Will had lots of time with his Grandma and Grandpa Watkins, along with his cool uncles Curt and Nick during this trip! They all love him so so much!

In Will’s short life of 3 months, he’s already been out of the country and to another state! Braden and I joke around that he’s already a world-traveler! haha :) We are going to miss summer nights. However, this new phase will be rewarding in different ways. Managing school, work, homework, and parenting is NO JOKE, but we are ready to give it our best effort! <3 Here we go!

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