i’ve waited my whole life!

emily is home from her mission in ventura, california and we are so excited to have her back! a lot has happened since she left a year and a half ago. we got pregnant, had william, and now he is 8 months old!

while we were waiting at the airport, william was being so cute and holding his sign for emily ALL BY HIMSELF! we couldn’t stop laughing. he also thought the poster-board tasted delicious (as you can see in the pictures). william did pretty well until emily finally came down the escalator and families started cheering. william just started bawling because braden’s cheering scared him, so that was pretty funny! luckily he calmed down quickly and was happy again when emily held him for the first time. :)

emily’s reaction to seeing william was priceless! we are so excited for them to hang out and play together. she has been such a great example to us through her service and love!

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