November Highlight Reel

November was a hard month. William was sick for half of it with a combination of hand, foot, mouth virus (which was TERRIBLE), and flu symptoms. Having a sick baby is no fun! They can’t communicate and you don’t know how to help them. So while he was sick, we watched LOTS of Lion King (old and new). He loves that movie almost as much as he loves lions.

Even though it was a rough month, we tried to balance it out with FUN! We put up our christmas tree which was a blast. William LOVED every minute of it and kept saying “Ba” pointing to the ornaments with pure awe. He was so proud of himself for putting the ornaments on the tree all by himself, even when he lost a few to the tree (watch video) hehe!

We enjoyed a lot of time with family over thanksgiving and made lots of memories together…many of which included throwing up or waking to the sound of someone else throwing up. It was great! All jokes aside, Will loved watching christmas cartoons with Grandpa Skonnard in the mornings, eating Grandma Watkins’ homemade bread, and playing with his aunts and uncles.

Will turned 18 months on the 1st of Dec (not really Nov) but I want to document a few of his favorite words and mannerisms, or should I say “Will-isms”.


Ba (ball), Eerio (cheerio), CraCra (cracker), Bu (book), Bapple (apple), Bampa (grandpa), Dis (this/that), Kaket (jacket), Shu (shoes), Sa (sock), Tee (tree), Ee-Uh (clean up), Caca, and NO.

Animal Sounds:

His favorite is roaring like a Lion, but he knows all the sounds to the animals in the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.” My favorite is the sound he makes for sheep, he does a fake laugh “hahahaha” instead of “baaaaa”. Over the last week he’s also gotten really good at making elephant noises. He does it much better than I can! I can hear him making elephant noises from the other room with the stuffed animal my parents brought back from Thailand.


I kid you not, I discovered my parenting secret weapon yesterday. I let William have a little bowl of cheerios in the family room while he was playing, and it made a HUGE difference. He was so happy to play, snack, and play some more. When he finished a bowl, he’d bring it over to me, say “eerio eerio eerio” and I’d add another little handful. He was the happiest I’ve seen him in weeks.

He also loves the word NO. Actually, he loves the phrase, “no no no no no no” while flailing his arms. That’s more accurate. We are patiently (trying to be patient) in helping him express what he wants without throwing a tantrum. It’s a work in progress, but there IS progress.

Will is very obsessed with balls right now. He will grab a ball and yell “BA” as loud as he can while throwing it as far as he can. It’s super cute. I don’t know if he’s more proud that he can throw the ball, or that he can say the word ball. Both are great accomplishments! His love for balls was evident while putting up the christmas tree. Every time an ornament came to view, it was a cheerful “BA…BA…BA!” He loved the fact that there were many balls on the tree! He even threw a few onto the tree successfully.

Our battle with the TV came to an end…

About a week ago we had to remove our television from our family room because William kept throwing tantrums if we didn’t let him watch it all day. Since hiding the TV, the situation has improved and Will seems happier. Selfishly, I kind of miss the TV, but if it means a happier toddler–I can live with it for now. It’s funny though, he’ll still find the remote, sit on the couch, and wait for the TV, just to realize it’s not there. Then he’ll get off the couch and start playing with his toys.

Ok, last thing. Every time Braden and I kiss Will gets super jelly and wants in on the kissing. So we get down on his level and let him kiss each of us, and sometimes we’ll do a 3-way kiss. He loves feeling like he’s part of the kissing club.

We love our little man. He’s growing up way too quick and we are just sitting here in awe of his personality, energy, knowledge, and ability to learn quickly. So here’s to November (the month of sickness) being behind us, and for a month full of warmth, time, closeness, and holiday spirit ahead!

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  1. Me encanta! ❤️ Increíble que escondiste la televisión! Excelente!!! Fue muy lindo verlos 😘

  2. Such a beautiful video! What a blessed little boy Will is, and you two as his parents. Love the loving family you’ve created.

  3. Adorable video Michi! You have such a beautiful little family. So happy to see YOU so happy! Love you 😘

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