Venice Airbnb Photoshoot

We have so many photos of Venice that there is no way I could fit them all into a single post. So here is post number two!

These are the photos from our Airbnb Photoshoot Experience with Julia. We loved getting to know Julia and her experiences traveling Europe as a photographer. She was very friendly, kind, and accommodated our tight schedule in Venice. It was great to have a local walking us through the city to spots we wouldn’t have found on our own. Julia also made us feel like the most beautiful people on earth with all her compliments!

I feel terrible because we missed the review deadline on Airbnb’s website. So hopefully this little review helps Julia in some way! At this point we basically swear by Airbnb Experiences. We LOVE them. Each of the experiences we’ve done through Airbnb (in Seattle and Italy) have been incredible!

Also, I literally only brought a pair of Chacos and a pair of tennis to Italy. So basically the Chacos were my only choice for the photoshoot! haha… looking back I should’ve packed another pair of shoes, but I’m just going to own it!!

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  1. All these photos are amazing! Venice is stunning! Every little corner seems like a perfect spot for a photo!!! And you guys are so cute!!! ❤️

    1. Thank you Leti! We love these memories. And yes, Venice is a photographers dream! So many good places to take photos.

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