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Current Bump Date: 21 weeks

Here I am again! I’ve made it to week #2 of my goal! I’m proud of myself for making journaling a priority in my life again. But what I really hope is that it lasts longer than a few weeks — but continues on even as life gets busier and our family continues to grow. I will truly have been successful if in a year from now I find myself sitting at my desk putting together my weekly reflection. That’s the ultimate goal! Reflecting has really helped me to notice all the things Braden and I are accomplishing, even if some days it doesn’t feel like I did anything noteworthy.

School was still very challenging this week, but we are trying to get a routine down with our classes. I think it will come eventually, and I won’t feel as overwhelmed each time I sit down to do homework. I am grateful for this experience, because it is really pushing me to dig deep and trust that I can do hard things. It’s also helped me treasure all the little moments more, and find true happiness in them. The reality is that Braden and I stayed up until 2AM Saturday night doing homework (and I still didn’t finish), but we found joy in each other and made the best of the situation.

It was another week full of growth and learning. It think Heavenly Father is preparing me now to be a mother by making me do things that are hard/that I don’t want to do, in return of a greater reward. Here are a few snippets from my journal this last week:


I really enjoyed today. haha…I wonder why! No school, no work, just me and the quiet house and my homework. Don’t tell, but I stayed in my sweats all day! When Braden got home from work, we spent some time cooking dinner together and talking. That is always my favorite part of the day. I love it when we are both home after a long day of school, work, and homework. Being with him always makes things better, and makes me feel like everything will be ok.


Today the church announced the new first presidency! It was exciting news to hear, and we have felt really good about the change. Pregnancy is going well, everything is healthy but I’m just starting to feel like a balloon! I feel so bloated all the time and my clothes leave marks on my stomach now. I can’t even imagine what it will be like in a month or two! haha…I’m just grateful for our baby boy (William??) and that he is healthy. I can’t complain when there is so much to be grateful for.


I’ve been feeling extra exhausted today, and I’m not sure why! Luckily I’ve had enough will-power to get through all my classes and homework even with this sleepiness! Part of the reason may have been the açaí chocolates I slipped in my backpack for my afternoon classes ;) Braden and I spent some time playing around with Parker Walbeck’s Crane 2 Stabilizer he let us borrow. I started realizing that the Crane 2 might be a better option for me than the glidecam–especially since my pregnant belly is starting to poke out and hit the glidecam bottom. It’s my first time being pregnant and running a videography business, so there are still a lot of unknowns I’m figuring out!


Today was a pretty good day! Here are a few reasons why.

1) I got a yummy mango Jamba Juice on campus
2) I kept feeling baby watkins moving today! It happened multiple times during the day!
3) I got a 30 min nap in — and it felt AMAZING!
4) I went to Zumba for the first time and had a blast. It was fun to just let loose, relieve stress, and get a workout. I’m going to attend zumba twice a week, because it’s something that I can do while pregnant, and so fun! I’m hoping to get those dance moves down soon!

and . . . when Braden looked at me today and said, “you definitely look pregnant!” I gave him a concerned look and then he said, “it a good thing!”  :)


Hmm…I don’t have a ton to say about my day today, other than I stayed home and got a lot of things done! I sat at my desk for pretty much the entirety of the day, editing a wedding video and working on homework. It was good though, because I finished the video and made some progress on my homework (although I still have a lot left to do).

Braden attended the Silicon Slopes Event in SLC Thursday and Friday, and LOVED it. I’m also starting to think that our baby is a lot like Braden, because he always moves the most when I’m at school and in lectures. I hope he likes school as much as Braden does! And I’m grateful for the positive influence Braden will be on our children — since my relationship with school hasn’t always been positive. ha


Saturday is my favorite day . . . it’s the day I get to be with Braden! (sing to the tune of primary song) Today was a busy, but great day! We both worked on homework throughout the day, trying to get as much done as we could. We ran by IKEA later in the evening to get Braden a new desk, and made a small date-night out of it. Now he has a desk out in the family room, and our second room is just a nursery! I’m excited to for it to come together. Having (mostly) everything out of that room made the baby coming feel much more real! We also set up a Nursery Glider we bought on Amazon to make sure everything came in one piece! Braden did a great job putting it together, and the glider looks great! We did SO MUCH research before buying it, and we were lucky! It didn’t have any damages, although it could use some “breaking-in.” We are excited to start sitting in the glider and preparing for the many nights we will spend sitting on it!



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