week 2 / veggies, failed eggplant, and laborious sauerkraut

another week of whole foods, plant based eating down! (minus the sushi we had with my family on friday night…) we may be more like pescatarians who only eat fish when it’s served on sushi…haha!

we love the food we are making and feel so great after every meal! this week i decided to try making my own sauerkraut, which i will explain more later in this post!

overall we are feeling great, not missing meat, and finding great alternatives for our favorite meals. i’m feeding william way more fruits and vegetables than i did before, and he’s even drinking green smoothies with me! the other day he drank an ENTIRE glass of green smoothie and i was shocked! next week i’ll have to share a pic of him drinking his green smoothie :)

our own creation.

we made hearty bowls with a variety of potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, avocado, spinach, and leftover eggplant meatballs – served with balsamic dressing.

spinach pasta salad

this was also something we threw together last minute w/o a recipe. we had leftover pasta, so we mixed that with spinach, tomatoes, sprouts, and a little bit of pesto. next time i want to try making a completely vegan pesto sauce though!

braden’s vegetable curry

this was all braden! he made a curry out of carrots, sweet potatoes, purple, yellow, and red potatoes, peppers, chickpeas, yellow curry paste, vegetable broth and some spices. we served it on brown rice, topped with avocado and cilantro. it hit the spot and made lots of leftovers!

super green juice

from minimalist baker cookbook

this was SOOOO good. braden and i did a cycling class on thursday evening and came home ready for some good nutrient-rich food! this recipie is really cool because you don’t have to use a juicer. i just blended spinach, cucumber, apple, banana, cilantro, parsley, celery, and water, and then strained it through my nut milk bag to remove the pulp!

avocado toast.

this is our all-time favorite go-to meal. yesterday we had our avocado toast on sourdough bread, with tomatoes, peppers, and sprouts. later in the afternoon we were feeling hungry, so we had a bunch of fruit with some salted edamame! yum!!!

veggie hummus sandwich

when we came home from church today, braden knew exactly what he wanted for lunch…these sandwiches! it was his idea to saute peppers and onions, add cucumber, carrots, radishes, sprouts, spinach, and homemade hummus to our sandwiches.

these sandwiches were to die for. SO GOOD! and we ate them on sourdough bread of course–my personal fav!

Braised Tofu Tostadas

from minimalist baker cookbook

this recipe is a KEEPER and we are going to add it to our regular rotation! we love tacos, so, so, much. after serving my lds mission in mexico (the land of the tacos), i was a little sad about giving tacos up. but the minimalist baker has done it once again and i don’t feel like i am missing out on anything! these tofu tacos taste amazing and don’t make you feel sick afterwards (which is how i usually felt after eating pork tacos – even though i loved them).

we topped these with tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, and lime. i found sprouted corn tortillas at Sprouts, and i love them because they only have 4 ingredients: Organic Sprouted Corn, Filtered Water, Sea Salt, Lime.

eggplant chip fail.

remember the two leftover eggplants from last week? well…i tried making eggplant chips out of them and it did NOT work out. they were looking pretty good on day one, but then i put them in a container too soon and they got all soggy. so the next day i tried to crisp them up again and they ended up just burning. our whole apartment smelled like eggplant and i felt so nauseous! it was terrible. it will be a while before i buy an eggplant again! haha

homemade sauerkraut

from minimalist baker: see recipe

i’ve been wanting to try this for a while, so this week i bought the ingredients and went for it! in retrospect, i probably chose the hardest recipe out there in the sauerkraut world…so if i were you, i’d try an easier one the first time!

i spent about 3 hours chopping, grating, shredding, jarring, and cleaning the aftermath. this recipe has cabbage, beets, carrots, ginger, tumeric, and garlic.

for the next 10 days to 6 weeks (depending on how sour i want it to be) i’m supposed to release the pressure from the jar once a day by opening it, and pushing the sauerkraut down into the juice.

i’m crossing my fingers and hoping and praying that this turns out! we’ll find out in 10 days…:) giving your body natural probiotics (sauerkraut) is one of the best ways to go!

side note – i got the BEST labeler this week! i’m obsessed with it (definitely the graphic designer in me coming out!) braden has been teasing me and joking that i’m going to label everything in our house…he knows me too well! haha

we’ve cleaned out our pantry and fridge and are down to almost all plant-based foods. i love knowing that everything we have/are eating is nourishing for our bodies.

if you’re interested in having your husband make fun of you for labeling everything in your kitchen…then you can buy this awesome labeler here!

until next week!

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