Welcome Home Elder Skonnard!

Wednesday July 18th was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time! My brother, Michael, returned home from a 2 year LDS mission in Mendoza, Argentina. The coolest part was that he returned ON his 20th birthday! How does that even happen?! We not only celebrated his arrival, but had a birthday party for him with family and tres leches cake!

Waiting for him to arrive at the SLC Airport was a very emotional experience. We were all so excited to see his face again after 2 years and it felt like time was at a standstill. It was also a busy day at the airport with lots of missionaries coming home. Other missionaries would come down the escalator and we would get our hopes up – only to have them crushed! ha But eventually Michael made his way down the escalator and we welcomed him with a big cheer and lots of tears, hugs, posters, and Argentine jerseys.

Seeing Michael’s big smile, humble attitude, and light-hearted personality again after 2 years filled my heart with so much joy! I’m so grateful for families and that they can be together forever. Sending my brother off on a mission helped me understand the joy you feel when a family member comes home. It was different from the feelings I had as a missionary myself. In a broader perspective, the plan of salvation is the same. Even when family members leave this world, and leave us, we can still be together again!!

This reunion at the airport was extra special for me because Michael had never met my husband or William. Since Michael left, my life has completely changed. Braden and I started dating, got married, and had our first baby. I couldn’t wait to see Michael’s reaction to this little family of mine, and when the time finally came, I was really emotional! I was so happy for Mike to meet the two loves of my life. It was hard to contain my emotions. Tears were rolling. Good tears!

We are so proud of my brother for serving a full-time mission, for giving it his all, for serving with his whole heart. These last few days Michael has amazed me with his experiences and testimony of our Savior and the Book of Mormon. We love him so much!

Welcome home uncle Mike!


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