william | 11 month milestone

these photoshoots are getting harder each month because william will NOT sit still for two seconds! now i just use my iphone because it’s a faster setup than using my camera, and trust me, every minute counts with william…

we try everything to get a nice picture of william looking at the camera…but in the end he either has to have a prop (like a book, toy, stuffed animal etc.) or be taking the pictures himself (see the selfies below). luckily we only have 1 more month of these milestone pictures–because it’s pretty much impossible at this point!

so what’s new with will?

a few more teeth have popped through since last month and teething has been hard some days/weeks.

william loves spending time outside and making friends with the other kids at the playground. he’s VERY friendly and not afraid of anything!

like usual, he’s loud and only getting louder! he’s a lot more talkative and loves to let us know how he is feeling good or bad.

he never stops moving when he’s awake.

oh, and he is very slobbery and cute! :)

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