william | 8 month milestone

william is eight months old! he has perfected the army crawl, loves standing up with our help, and wants to eat everything we are eating. if he sees us eating something, he’ll just stare at us with his mouth wide-open until we get the hint and give him a little piece (he’s a smart one!) he hasn’t refused anything we’ve given him, not even lime juice! hopefully this means he’s going to be an adventurous eater.

this month he also started opening and closing drawers, discovered where mom and dad keep their shoes, and how to weave himself through our dining table chairs over and over again.

william literally never sits still. he is constantly crawling, getting stuck, falling, hitting his head, crying, and then moving again! snuggling is not an option when there are so many things to be discovered! this makes my mama heart sad, but i’m holding on to a sliver of hope that he’ll want to snuggle with me soon.

i can’t wrap my head around why he wants to play in the small space between the toilet and bathroom cabinet, but he always seems to end up there. it might’ve been the febreeze can which we now keep on the counter. i’m still working on remembering to keep the bathroom door closed.

will has a lot to say. he is always jabbering and making braden and i laugh! he says “dada” way more than he says “mama”, but we are working on that. ;) he also loves to squeal, scream, make dinosaur noises, and laugh. the laughing part is my favorite. he has a very contagious laugh which is amplified with his perfect little dimples.

we love our 8-month-old, lip smackin’, belly-laughin’, loud, handsome, and curious boy!

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